Samsung Air Purifiers are Now Available in India, with Prices Starting at Rs 12,990: Key Features.

The Samsung SmartThings app may be used to control the IoT-enabled AX32 and AX46 air purifiers.

Samsung Air Purifiers are Now Available in India, with Prices Starting at Rs 12,990: Key Features.

In the Indian market, Samsung has introduced the AX46 and AX32, two new air purifiers. The most recent air purifiers made by the South Korean tech giant are IoT-enabled and can get rid of 99.97% of bacteria and nanoparticles. Up to 645 square feet can be covered by the AX46. The AX32, meanwhile, can cover spaces as large as 356 square feet.

To provide clear air, the brand-new Samsung Air Purifiers can get rid of volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde. The Samsung SmartThings app can be used to control the Samsung AX32 and AX46. Let's examine the Samsung AX32 and Samsung AX46's price, features, and availability in India in more detail.

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Samsung Air Purifier AX32 and AX46 Price in India and Availability

Priced at Rs 12,990 for the Samsung AX32 and Rs 32,990 for the Samsung AX46, respectively, in India. These can be purchased through the Samsung Online Store and other well-known offline retailers in the nation.

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Samsung Air Purifier AX32 and AX23: Specs

The Samsung Air Purifier AX46 can clean up to 645 square feet of space and delivers clean air at a rate of 467 cubic metres per hour. The Samsung Air Purifier AX32, on the other hand, has a clear air delivery rate of 320 cubic metres per hour while covering spaces up to 356 square feet.

The brand-new Samsung air purifiers have a pre-filter, a dust-collecting filter, and a deodorization filter as part of their triple-layer, high-efficiency purification system. The washable pre-filter works to filter out larger dust particles. Hazardous gases are also eliminated by an activated carbon deodorization filter. Not to mention, a dust-collecting filter is also there, which captures 99.97% of ultrafine dust.

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The Samsung AX46 and AX32 air purifiers have a clever four-colour display that depicts the level of pollution/air quality with a four-step colour fluctuation. Additionally, these have an Air Sensing light that indicates the air quality. Dust and gas sensors are included with the Samsung Air Purifier AX46. The AX32, however, simply has a dust sensor. These brand-new Samsung air purifiers offer a Child-Care lock feature and enable auto and sleep operating modes.

The brand-new AX32 and AX46 may be operated using the Samsung SmartThings app and are IoT-capable. The SmartThings software allows users to operate the air purifiers from their smartphones by turning them on and off. In addition to that, customers may use the SmartThings app to check the air quality.

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Gray and Beige colour options are offered for the Samsung Air Purifier models AX32 and AX46. The AX32 has dimensions of 349 x 499 x 236 mm, weighs 6.9kg, and uses roughly 41W per hour. The AX46, in contrast, has dimensions of 360 x 783 x 318 mm, weighs 11.5 kg, and uses about 60 W each hour. On both of these air purifiers, Samsung is offering a one-year warranty.

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