Philips HL7703 Mixer Grinder launched in India with a strong motor.

With a 1000W Motor, the Philips HL7703 Mixer Grinder was introduced in India and claims to grind and mix in just 90 seconds.

Philips HL7703 Mixer Grinder launched in India with a strong motor.

For the Indian market, Philips Domestic Appliances India Ltd. has introduced a new mixer grinder. It has been announced that Philips HL7703, a portable and strong mixer grinder, will provide better grinding and combine with fewer lumps, giving the mixture a consistent texture. The grinder states that it will do the job in 90 seconds.

Philips HL7703 Mixer Grinder: Pricing & Availability

The Philips HL7703 costs Rs. 9595 and is available in neighborhood retail establishments. Additionally, it will be accessible on sites like Flipkart and Amazon.

Philips HL7703 Mixer Grinder: Features & Specs

A high-precision blade and a 1000W motor are included with the Philips HL7703. Three stainless steel jars are included inside the package, and it features strong suction feet for improved stability. There are four jars in all, one of which has a fruit filter and is made of polycarbonate, making it unbreakable. Better grinding of Indian masalas, the simple blending of smoothies and shakes, and simple extraction of coconut/almond milk are all benefits of high precision blades. The item comes with a 2+2 year warranty from Philips.

Without a mixer grinder, preparing Indian food is impossible, and modern kitchens must have a strong one. The new Philips HL7703 mixer grinder, equipped with a heavy-duty 1000W motor, offers faster grinding and finer mixing in just 90 seconds. At Philips Domestic Appliances, we recognize that consumers are searching for quick and efficient solutions to fulfil their daily needs. With this launch, we hope to diversify our options for customers and strengthen our range of mixer grinders, according to Mr. Gulbahar Taurani, MD & CEO of Philips Domestic Appliances, India.