Amazon Astro is a futuristic household robot.

When you mix an Alexa device, Ring security, and a science fiction robot, what do you get? Basically, it's like this.

Amazon Astro is a futuristic household robot.
Amazon Astro

Amazon has made a huge jump into the field of personal robotics, moving away from home communication and security. The Amazon Astro is an Alexa-enabled household robot that can not only make video chats and play music but also check in on your home while you're away and even assists in the care of elderly relatives. It's a cross between a Roomba, an Echo Show on wheels, and Johnny Five from Short Circuit.

Amazon's virtual press conference drew inspiration from science fiction robots and promised more than simply an Alexa on wheels. As a result, the Amazon Astro has developed its own personality as well as a new set of sounds and functions. To make it more enticing, it has eyeballs on the screen and, for some reason, can even beatbox.

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Amazon Astro can patrol your home in a proactive manner, examining pre-assigned locations and going at speeds of up to one meter per second. It can then send you notifications or a live feed to your phone or tablet, depending on where you are. It has Alexa Guard, which can detect sounds like glass breaking or a smoke alarm. It can travel to the location where a sensor is tripped and save clips to your Ring cloud storage using the Ring Protect Pro subscription service.

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Amazon Astro features a periscope camera in addition to a main screen and camera, which allows it to see things from a higher perspective, such as the top of a stove or the shelves of a pantry. Amazon Astro can navigate the house on its own, avoiding obstacles and determining its location using simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). Set regions of your home as off-limits and turn on a do not disturb mode to limit where it can travel for privacy. At any time, you can turn off the microphones and cameras.