TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 has a new look and more fitness features.

TAG's new Connected models for 2022 are the best smartwatches the Swiss brand has ever produced.

TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 has a new look and more fitness features.

TAG Heuer has just launched the latest edition of its Connected smartwatch, which is designed to provide 'maximum elegance and sporty performance,' and will undoubtedly keep its spot in our top best smartwatch guide.

TAG Heuer has released not one, but two new timepieces, each stressing a different facet of the company's Connected identity.

TAG Heuer Connected is, in our opinion, the greatest luxury smartwatch on the market, and the latest Connected generation builds on TAG Heuer's long-standing athletic pedigree.

The larger 45mm variant has a revised sporty style, and the smaller 42mm model has a more streamlined look that is aimed primarily at elegance.

Of course, in addition to a full redesign, the new generation of Connected smartwatches features technical advancements across the board, ensuring that it can compete with the best Apple Watch.

The new Connected smartwatch will be available for purchase on March 10th, with pricing starting at £1,500 for the 42mm model and rising to £2,100 for the 45mm model with a steel bracelet.

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The TAG Heuer Connected E4 is now available for pre-order at Goldsmiths and on the TAG Heuer website.


The 45mm edition, thanks to the robust ceramic bezel, combines a sporty appearance with the sensation of a conventional high-end timepiece. The design is vastly different from prior models.

The crown has a big diameter and sticks out from the rest of the watch, making it easy to adjust and use with only a fingertip.

The pushers have a mechanical feel to them, reflecting TAG Heuer's 160-year history of producing high-end mechanical watches, and the watch slopes inwards for a lighter feel on the wrist.


The 42mm version of the watch has a more sophisticated and attractive look that will appeal to everyone. It will look great at an exquisite event, in the office, or while participating in sports.

It has a slimmer case with ergonomic steel pushers, a thin bezel, and a fully integrated bracelet.

It is designed for clients who seek a more streamlined smartwatch with the newest wellness and fitness functionalities, as opposed to the 45mm model.

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TAG Heuer has also created a new line of bands to go with the new smartwatches. You can now choose from a wide range of designs, such as a leather or steel strap for a more sophisticated, elegant aesthetic, or a brightly coloured rubber strap for a more athletic, rugged feel.

The new model also comes with a selected collection of new watch faces, which include styles inspired by TAG Heuer's watchmaking tradition as well as cutting-edge designs with stunning animations and rapid access to all the information you could want.

The new 'Riverside' watch face, for example, is animated with an immersive futuristic effect of time elapsing, while the new 'Wellness' watch face provides information on fitness directly from the watch's home screen, including live heart rate and the number of steps performed that day.

TAG Heuer has also introduced new digital complications to its watch faces, which display sports, weather, wellness, and calendar information on the watch face.

These new watch faces are only available on TAG Heuer's new models, and more will be added throughout the year.

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TAG Heuer Sports can now provide guided workout programmes, fitness information, and sports tracking through its app. It's a brand-new function for this year, designed to help customers stay fit while on the go (without having to keep a smartphone nearby).

These workouts comprise of pre-programmed exercise programmes with on-screen prompts that take you through exercises using animations on the screen without the use of a phone or television.

You can do an upper-body workout, a lower-body workout, or a full-body workout, and when you're done, the watch vibrates to let you know it's time to move on to the next one.

You can make your own routines if you already have a regimen (or if you have a fitness instructor).

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So, what else has been improved?

For starters, the watch comes with a completely different charging concept. It serves as a stylish stand for displaying the watch during the day and transforms into a nightstand with a softly lighted clock that displays the time at night.

TAG Heuer states that both watches have a new screen with "industry-leading quality and contrast, particularly outdoors." Because of the high contrast ratio, the display should be viewable even in bright sunshine.

In comparison to the previous generation, the new 45mm model has a 30% longer battery life, allowing you to use the watch for sports monitoring throughout the day.

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When wearing the 45mm model, TAG Heuer promises that you can get a whole day of battery life, even if you use the golf functionalities for five hours, and when wearing the 42mm model, you can get a full day of battery life using the wellness app before the battery runs out.

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, data synchronisation to and from your phone is much faster on the new Connected, and the new edition now has an altimeter to help you track outdoor activities more accurately.

Finally, Google's Wear OS will power the new generation of Connected smartwatches. The watch will arrive pre-loaded with Wear OS 2, but you will be able to upgrade to Wear OS 3 for free once it becomes available.

The TAG Heuer Connected E4 is now available for pre-order at Goldsmiths and on the TAG Heuer website.