What is Motherboard How Does it Work Motherboard, and other Details

Let us know after all “what is a motherboard” and “how many types of motherboards are there” and “which company makes the motherboard.”

What is Motherboard How Does it Work Motherboard, and other Details
What is Motherboard

In this article, we are going to get complete information about the motherboard in detail today. However, before we go to the main topic, we want to tell you that only after reading the article completely, you will be able to get complete information about the motherboard. That's why you must read the article completely. Let us know after all “what is a motherboard” and “how many types of motherboards are there” and “which company makes the motherboard.”

It would be difficult for most of us and most of you to define exactly what a mother board is. A mother board can also be defined as a circuit board, through which power is distributed, as well as it allows computer to communicate with the hardware components of the laptop/computer.

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So let's know in detail about the motherboard, what is this motherboard after all?

(What is Motherboard How Does it Work Motherboard, and other Details)

What is Motherboard?

Motherboard is the most important part of the computer, which you can also understand as the backbone of the computer, its main function is to supply power as well as central processing unit , random access memory , video card and different other computer components such as keyboard , Allows communication with mouse , modem and speaker etc.

Mother board is also known by many other names. As it is also called Mainboard. Apart from this, it is also called logic board, system board, planner board and mobo. There are many important components in the mother board that are used to make the computer or laptop work properly.

Such as  connectors for the central processing unit, memory  , and input and output devices . Explain that many sockets and slots are also present in the motherboard to connect other components, where you can connect other components with the motherboard.

Although we also want to tell you that how many sockets will be present in your motherboard to connect other components, it depends on the type of your motherboard, because there are different sockets to fit different computer type and size. Mother board is developed.

Every mother board   is developed to work with a particular type of processor and memory, as not every mother board is suitable to work with every processor and memory combination.

What is the Definition of Motherboard?

Connectivity between the hardware components of the computer is provided by the mother board. Such as Central Processing Unit, Random Access Memory, Hard Drive and Video Card etc. There are many types of mother boards which are manufactured according to fit in the computer.

Every motherboard is manufactured to work with a particular type of processor or memory. So not every motherboard can work with every type of processor and type of memory.

(What is Motherboard How Does it Work Motherboard, and other Details)

History of Motherboard

In today's time, the motherboards that are coming in computers or laptops are quite advanced and their processing speed is also very good, but do you know that the motherboards that were used in earlier times, He had the capacity to function normally,

Because technology continues to advance. Thus, in all the motherboards launched so far, one or the other new technology came in it. Here we want to mention the motherboard first. The first motherboard   was prepared by the IBM company in 1981.

This motherboard was named Planar Bread Board by IBM Company. It was built primarily to fit into computer systems. Although it could not be called an advanced motherboard.

In the year 1984, after doing good research, another advance mother board was prepared by the IBM company. This motherboard worked well for the desktops that were being launched around 1984.

Meanwhile, a motherboard named Gigabyte was also manufactured, which was made by Pei Chang, a resident of Taiwan. He invented it in the year 1986. Here we also want to tell you that the company named Pegasus, which you currently know, was established in the year 1989 itself, which was created by the application of ACER.

Later on, the Pegasus company was also included in the top company manufacturing the mother board. After this, many such companies were launched in the market, through which they started manufacturing motherboards of good technology. Such as Intel Asus etc. At present, you are easily getting motherboards of different capacities, different designs and different sizes in the market.

Motherboard Components

In the beginning of the article itself, we informed you that there are multiple components of the mother board. Let us discuss about the major components of the mother board.

Central Processing Chip (CPU)

A CPU or Central Processing Unit is a type of electronic circuit that performs basic logic, controlling, arithmetic, input-output operations, and performing a variety of tasks specified by instructions in a desktop program.

Random access memory slot

Random access memory is a type of computer memory. Through this, permission is given to read or write data in realtime, even if the data is physically available in memory.


The full meaning of BIOS is Basic Input Output System. The Basic Input Output System performs anti-lization of the hardware during the booting process and is also responsible for providing runtime services for operating software and programs.


Its full meaning is Universal Serial Bus. In short it is called USB. USB ports are present on all motherboards. By this you can connect external devices like pen drive, external hard drive and iPod with the motherboard.

CMOS Battery

By this, the setting of Bios is stored on the mother board, as well as it works to store time and date.

Agp slots

With its help, the video card can be attached to the system.


Its full meaning is Floppy Disk Controller. This is a type of circuit. Floppy disk drive and writing is supervised by this and direction is also given.


Its full meaning is Integrated Driver Electronic. Through this, the host computer is connected to another network or storage device.

Power Supply Connector

Through the power supply connector, electrical power is provided to the function of the computer as per the requirement, that is, it is supplied.

south bridge

It is one of the core logic chipsets on the motherboard.

North Bridge

The North Bridge is supposed to be one of the logic chipsets on the motherboard. In other languages ​​it is also known as Host Bridge or Memory Controller Hub. The northbridge is responsible for tasks requiring high performance.

Parel Airport

If you have to connect an external device to a desktop computer, then a parallel port is used for this. (What is Motherboard How Does it Work Motherboard, and other Details)

Types of Motherboard

There are following types of mother boards on the basis of their structure and usage.

Motherboard by Structure

The types of motherboards based on the structure are as follows.

1: Integrated Motherboard

Integrated motherboard in Hindi language is called integrated motherboard. This type of motherboard has different types of parts available to connect different types of devices to the computer. This type of motherboard is largely inbuilt by the company in laptop or desktop or both.

2: Non Integrated Motherboard

Non integrated motherboard is called non integrated motherboard in Hindi. In this type of motherboard, separate parts are not available to connect to the computer. This type of motherboard is used in old-fashioned desktops or servers.

Motherboard by use

The types of motherboards on the basis of usage are as follows.

1: Desktop Motherboard

From large offices to multinational companies, desktop motherboards are being used extensively. This is the most common type of mother board. However, despite this, its use is very high.

2: Laptop Motherboard

The motherboard which is used in the laptop is called laptop motherboard. In laptops, with the help of this type of motherboard, different parts are connected to the laptop.

3: Server Motherboard

This type of motherboard is manufactured for servers Such motherboards are of very good quality and are also very durable. In this you get different types of connectors and slots.

What is the Function of Motherboard?

The random access memory of the computer is also available in the motherboard itself. This is the reason why the motherboard is also very useful for powering on the computer. Apart from this, the computer is ready to communicate from one device to another only because of the motherboard. (What is Motherboard How Does it Work Motherboard, and other Details)

The work of managing the devices you have connected with the computer is also done by the motherboard. Apart from this, when you connect a device to the motherboard, the motherboard also does the work of supplying power to it. Not only this, the motherboard is such a part of the computer in which other parts of the computer are connected.

Motherboard Manufacturing Company Names

Below we are giving you the names of the top manufacturing companies making mother boards.

  • 2the Max
  • ASRock
  • Asus
  • Biostar
  • EVGA
  • Gigabyte (including Aorus)
  • MSI (Micro-Star International)
  • Intel
  • IBM
  • Colorful
  • DFI (industrial motherboards/defunct)
  • ECS (Elitegroup Computer Systems)
  • EPoX (partially defunct)
  • First International Computer
  • Foxconn
  • Fujitsu
  • Gumsticks

Motherboard Price?

If you have to buy a computer, then tell that you do not need to buy a separate motherboard, because the computer is already provided with an inbuilt mother board.

However, if the motherboard of your computer is damaged, then in such a situation you will have to spend a lot of money to get it repaired, because repairing the motherboard is a complicated process and it can be done only by an experienced computer repairing worker. Could

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How does Motherboard Work?

If you are familiar with the components of a motherboard, it won't take you long to learn about how a motherboard works. When the computer is powered on by the user, the data bus transfers electricity from the power supply to the motherboard.

Data is transferred via data buses via the northbridge and the chipset via the southbridge.

In which the Northbridge section does the data central processing unit, random access memory and PCIe bridging. Input is given to the central processing unit through random access memory, which interprets the process and outputs it.

PCIe data is transferred to an expansion card. The South Bridge component works to connect the data to the BIOS, etc., as well as sends signals to the BIOS, due to which your personal computer has the ability to boot.

On the other hand,  SATA data starts the available optical, hard disk and solid state drives on your computer. In this way, we hope that you have come to know how the motherboard works.

Motherboard Functions

The information about the functions of the motherboard is provided below in front of you.

  • A limited number of memory types are supported by the motherboard.
  • The motherboard serves to distribute power to different computer components.
  • The important different types of components that are required for a computer or laptop to work are supported by the motherboard.
  • The motherboard serves as a platform for installing additional devices or interfaces through various expansion slots.
  • The motherboard acts as an interface between the different types of devices present in the computer.
  • The motherboard serves as the fundamental pillar of the computer, as other components such as the random access memory, central processing unit, and hard disk are installed on it. (What is Motherboard How Does it Work Motherboard, and other Details)

How to Find out Your Motherboard Information?

If you want to get the information about the motherboard you are using, then for this you have to open the window in computer or laptop. For this, you have to press the Windows plus R button together through the keyboard, after that you have to enter ms info 32 in English language in the Run window and then press the Enter button.

After this, on the screen of your device, you will see the name of the motherboard manufacturer next to the base board manufacturer, as well as the name of the model of the mother board next to the base board product.

Where is the Motherboard?

Many people do not know where the mother board is present in the computer, then tell that the computer motherboard is available inside the computer case. This is where most of the parts and external devices of the computer are connected. In tower computers, the motherboard is present on the right or left side of the tower and is the biggest circuit board.

How Many Connections, Ports or Slots Does a Motherboard have?

There is no definite way to say how many connections, ports or expansion slots a motherboard will have, as there is no fixed standard. The best way to decide this is that when you buy a computer or laptop, then look in its documentation or see the specification to see how many connections, ports or slots are available in the mother board.

However, sometimes it also happens that the documents of his mother board are lost or not received by the person, in such a situation, you can get the laptop or computer of the company whose laptop or computer you have bought  .  By searching the model number online, you can also know how many connectors, ports or slots are available inside the inbuilt mother board of that company's laptop, computer.

Why are the Slots and Connections Different Colors?

These are of different colors because they can be easily identified when they are of different colors. For example, there are different types of connectors and ports available in the motherboard.

In such a situation, if they are ever of the same color, then the person will have a lot of difficulty in understanding which device he has to put where or which device installed in the mother board is useful for what. That's why they are done in different colors by the motherboard developer company, so that they can be easily identified.

How Does the Motherboard Connect to the Computer case?

The stand out is used by the computer's motherboard and through this it connects to the computer case. Want to tell here that once the mother board is connected to the computer case, then whatever other devices are connected to the motherboard or an expansion card.

What was the First Motherboard?

The motherboard that was made by the IBM company in the year 1981 is called the first motherboard, which was used in a personal computer. At that time the mother board made by IBM was not called a motherboard but was named as a planner.

Where did the Motherboard Get its Name?

You are well aware of the fact that different types of circuits or components are attached to any board. In this case, separate circuits or components are not used to name that board, but a board is given a name that is useful for all. In this way, the board in which the small boards are attached is called mother board. (What is Motherboard How Does it Work Motherboard, and other Details)

Are Dell, HP and other OEM Motherboards Different?

OEM motherboards are slightly different from other motherboards by companies such as Dell and HP  . You can easily get these from the retailer. For each model of an OEM computer, the motherboard is designed according to their requirements.

Do Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets have a Motherboard?

Yes! You heard absolutely right. Laptops, smartphones and tablets also have a motherboard. Although in general they are not called motherboards but logic boards. It is similar to the mother board and works like a motherboard.

However, with most logic boards, components such as the processor and random access memory are soldered onto the board due to size requirements. Apart from this, many of these devices do not have upgrade options. Therefore, there is no slot or socket available here like a traditional computer motherboard.

How to Choose a Mother Board?

Keep the following things in mind while selecting the mother board.


The transfer of data inside the computer is done by this. It transfers data from one part to another. Through this, the microprocessor is connected with the other parts of the computer. In a computer, it has two parts like North Bridge and South Bridge.

Expansion Slots and Connectors

While choosing the mother board, you should also see how many expansion slots and connectors are there in the mother board, because the more it is, the more components you can attach to the motherboard.


While choosing the motherboard, you have to get complete information about its processor, because the better the processor of the motherboard, the better the motherboard will work. The motherboard should have different sockets for different boards, as these sockets hold the central processing unit and it also tells which model processor will fit on the motherboard.


The type of motherboard you are using will determine the amount and format of random access memory you are using.

In general, the memory of the board is somewhat limited as to the amount of random access memory it will support, but it would also be good if you select a board that supports random access memory according to your needs. , so that later you can also upgrade it.

form factor

The layout of the motherboard is called the formfactor. Through this, information is given about where to install different components, as well as information about the design of the computer is also available through it. There are many standards of formfactor but it is used according to the requirement of the user.

(What is Motherboard How Does it Work Motherboard, and other Details)

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How does the Motherboard go bad?

Although there are many reasons for the failure of the motherboard, but the most common reason for the failure of the motherboard is that if you use the computer continuously, it puts a lot of pressure on the motherboard and it becomes hot, ie Motherboard gets damaged due to heat. Apart from this, sometimes due to high voltage electricity, there is a fault in the motherboard.

Motherboard Features

Mother board is counted in the important part of the computer. It works as a power distributor for the entire system of the computer. Although all the components in the computer have their own work,

But you can call the mother board the mother of all those components or you can call it the backbone. Because all the parts are kept together by the motherboard itself and that is the reason why data can be exchanged easily. It is through the mother board that the external parts of the computer are given space so that they can connect with other parts and establish communication.

Apart from this, virus is present in the motherboard, which is considered very important for the computer to be powered on.

How is the Motherboard Made?

The motherboard is made of fiberglass and copper. A seat is made by mixing these two things, on which the design is printed with the help of photo paper and then coating is also done on top of it. By doing this, due to the photoresist chemical, when this chemical is exposed to light, a trace of copper is formed.

After this, the pattern is established on the mother board, on which UV light is put. After this, the motherboard is properly cleaned and then using surface mount technology, the components of the motherboard are mounted on the board, after which the motherboard is made and ready.

Even after this, the mother board is not launched in the direct market, but first its scanning is done and its test is taken. If everything is correct then only the motherboard is launched in the market.

Advantages of Motherboard?

Motherboard is considered the main component of the computer. Without this, it becomes a bit difficult for the computer to work. Due to the mother board itself, data can be transferred very fast.

Apart from this, another advantage is that unlike desktop computers, integrated mother boards use very little electricity due to their size, due to which the electricity bill comes very low. Through this, such components are also given place, which want to connect to the mother board.

What Components Connect to the Motherboard?

Components such as the central processing unit, random access memory, sound card, graphic card, storage drive, optical drive, etc. are connected to the motherboard. Of these, the instruction received from the software is processed by the Central Processing Unit and communicated with the other part.

This is a very important component of the mother board. Out of this, random access memory stores data temporarily, so that data can be accessed fast. The component sound card on the motherboard provides excellent sound quality. Out of this, the graphics card is responsible for the best graphics in games and videos. (What is Motherboard How Does it Work Motherboard, and other Details)

How does the Motherboard hold the Components?

Looking closely at the motherboard, you can see sockets for components such as the processor, memory stick, and expansion cards. Other devices like hard drives connect to the motherboard, but only compatible components will fit on the motherboard.

For example, an Intel processor will not fit on a motherboard designed for an AMD central processing unit. Apart from this, a motherboard will only support a particular category of processor.

How Does the Motherboard Affect the Performance of the Computer?

People who use the computer for basic tasks such as browsing the Internet or writing emails will not notice the difference between a low level or a high level motherboard that supports common components, but Important features are provided by the premium mother board.

If the build quality of the mother board is good, then due to this the life of the computer is longer. Having a good motherboard makes internet connectivity fast as well as WiFi runs fast. The motherboard has advanced audio port for better sound.

It has video ports, which come with the latest DisplayPort and HDMI options. Having a good motherboard makes random access memory work great.

What is TPM 2.0 on a Motherboard?

The full meaning of TPM is Trusted Platform Module which in Hindi language is called भरोषण or ग्रिभात प्रटामटर मूडल. It creates and stores a cryptographic key for encryption.

To counter ransomware attacks and firmware hacks, Microsoft requires Windows 11 security to have TP 2.0 installed on computers. However, the latest motherboards that are coming in the present time have TP 2.0 and Windows 11 is also supported by it.

How to Upgrade Motherboard?

If you are a normal computer user, then you should not try to upgrade the mother board by yourself even by mistake. You may have thought of upgrading it through a YouTube video, but let us tell you that if you make a slight mistake, instead of becoming your motherboard, it will get worse. (What is Motherboard How Does it Work Motherboard, and other Details)

This can also damage your entire computer. So try to get your motherboard repaired by an experienced computer repair shop worker.

However, if your mother board has suffered a lot of damage, then in such a situation, you should buy a new computer or desktop instead of repairing it. Because in general, the cost of repairing the motherboard is also high, because it is repaired with great care. That's why shopkeepers demand more money for repairing it.

Mother Board Component List

Below you have been given a list of some of the major components of the mother board.

  • heat sink
  • parallel port
  • capacitor
  • back pane connectors
  • northbridge
  • southbridge
  • jumpers
  • IC (integrated circuit)
  • PCI slot
  • memory slot
  • USB headers
  • super I/O
  • serial port connector
  • serial ATA connections
  • system panel connectors

FAQs Regarding What is Motherboard How Does it Work Motherboard

1. What is motherboard and how it works?

The motherboard is the backbone that connects all of the computer's components and allows them to communicate with one another. Without it, none of the computer's components, such as the CPU, GPU, or hard drive, could communicate with one another.

2. What is the name of the motherboard?

A motherboard is the main printed circuit board (PCB) in general-purpose computers and other extensible systems. It is also known as a mainboard, main circuit board, MB, mboard, backplane board, base board, system board, mobo, or logic board on Apple computers.

3. What makes a motherboard?

Using Chemical Etching to Make Motherboards - Qualitetch
Fiberglass and copper are the two most common materials used in motherboards. Insulation is provided by fiberglass, while conductive channels are formed by copper within the component. During the production process, an epoxy resin-coated sheet of fiberglass fabric is heated until the resin is half cured.

4. What is a motherboard PDF?

The motherboard is the heart of the computer, yet it is also the most overlooked piece of hardware. The motherboard's primary function is to better and faster link all parts of a computer such as memory, CPU, disks, and other devices.

5. Why a good motherboard?

Your motherboard type will affect how well (or poorly) your graphics card and processor operate. It's similar to the effect of a Solid State Drive on FPS. It has no direct effect on framerate, but it does make your PC more responsive overall, and your games will load much faster. (What is Motherboard How Does it Work Motherboard, and other Details)

6. Where is motherboard type?

What Motherboard Do You Have? | Tom's Hardware
To view your motherboard model while your computer is turned on, go to the Start Menu > Windows Tools > System Information, or just type "System Information" into the search bar to bring up the app.