What is Tree Topology?

What is Tree Topology?: Let us go ahead in this article and know in detail the various things related to tree topology.

What is Tree Topology?
What is Tree Topology?

Tree topology is often mentioned in the world of computer networking. You must have also heard tree topology being called star bus topology at many places, in such a situation the question arises that what is tree topology? What is its function? Today we will know many things related to this in this article.

As the name suggests, tree topology is concerned with trees. Let us tell you that this topology of tree design is known as the most simple and useful topology.

Let us go ahead in this article and know in detail the various things related to tree topology.

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What is topology?

The shape of the network or the network itself is called topology. In other words, using a special technique, the method of connecting different computers together and exchanging data between them is called topology.

Through topology, the work of defining the structure of the network is done and it is told how the different devices in the network are connected with each other.

Through topology, the work of telling the physical structure of the network is done. Apart from this, 2 or more than 2 computers or 2 or more devices are connected to each other in different ways through network topology.

What is Tree Topology?

From the point of view of networking, tree topology in networking is a type of physical topology in which the structure of the network is in a hierarchical structure.

Want to tell that in tree topology, the devices of the network are properly organized according to the position. Where a root device is available in front of each device and then other devices are connected to it. Although they are not directly connected but indirectly connected.

Talking about the use of tree topology, it is mostly used especially in large cyber networks and internet infrastructure, because there are many devices in internet infrastructure and large cyber networks which need to operate in a hierarchical manner. . Tree topology proves to be very helpful in providing maximum availability and management facility to the network.

Tree topology in computer networks is also called a combination of bus and star network topologies. The biggest advantage of this topology is that it is very flexible. Tree topology is named as the easiest topology among all the topologies available.

There is only one path between any two nodes on the network. Tree topology is also named as the most popular topology among the five types of topology.

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What is the Definition of Tree Topology?

Tree topology is a special type of structure where connected elements are arranged like a branch of a tree. For example, tree topology is often used to organize computers in corporate networks or to store information in databases.

Want to tell that only one connection can be available between any two nodes connected in tree topology, because there can be only one mutual relation between any two nodes.

Advantages of Tree Topology

Let us move forward in the article to know what is the advantage of tree topology or what are the benefits of tree topology.

  • You must have heard the name of bus topology and star topology, the combination of these two topologies is called tree topology.
  • Through tree topology, the node is provided to the central data system according to one position.
  • One of the best advantages of tree topology is that if one of the nodes gets damaged or does not work properly, then it does not have any effect on the other nodes which are connected, they can do their work comfortably. We do.
  • It is very easy to maintain the tree topology and any type of defect created in it can be easily identified or the mistake made by it can also be easily identified.
  • Tree topology is considered a good topology to call. More nodes can be available in its leaf node.
  • It should be noted that it is supported by a number of hardware and software vendors.
  • In topology, a tree topology can be considered a secure topology.
  • Tree topology is also used in WAN.
  • Tree topology is also called reliable topology by many.
  • Tree topology has point to point wiring for individual segments.

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Disadvantages of Tree Topology

Below you have been provided with information about what can be the disadvantages of tree topology.

  • If the configuration of other network topology and tree topology is compared, then it is very difficult to configure tree topology in comparison to other network topology, that is, it is a difficult task.
  • There are many nodes available in tree topology, due to which there are advantages as well as disadvantages. Due to more nodes being available, its performance slows down a bit.
  • Talking about the cabling requirement, the cabling requirement is much larger in tree topology as compared to ring topology and star topology.
  • Repairing tree topology is a bit more difficult.
  • Setting up a tree topology also requires a lot of investment.
  • If nodes are added on a large scale in a network like tree topology, it becomes a bit difficult to maintain.

Use of Tree Topology

What can be the use of tree topology, it completely depends on the user. You can use it as well as take advantage of it. If seen from networking point of view, you can use tree topology at any place in case of networking.

For example, if you have a building with different floors and you want to set up a cluster in each section of the network, you can use a tree topology. If you have department and sub department then you can separate the whole tree network with the help of many switches. By doing this, it becomes very easy to maintain the entire network.

Features of Tree Topology

Below you are told the features of tree topology.

  • If you have fixed a place where you want to connect more computers then you can extend the star network connected to the main backbone cable of tree topology and connect more computers at a certain place.
  • If one computer connected to the network fails, it does not affect the functioning of the entire network due to which the tree topology is considered as a trusted topology.
  • Intelligent hub or switch is used in tree topology, due to which the network performance of tree topology is excellent.
  • Tree topology is considered a very good option for your small size local area network.
  • Very good security is provided by the tree topology which can be further strengthened by using intelligent hubs.

Example of Tree Topology

The example of tree topology is as follows.

corporate network

A common example of a tree topology is a corporate network. Corporate networks are designed to connect different departments, branches, and locations within an organization.

Education Network

Education network is designed to interconnect different schools, campuses and departments within an education institute.

hospital network

Hospital network ie hospital network is also a good example of tree topology. Hospital networks are designed to connect different departments, wards and locations within a hospital. Because of this, the functioning of the hospital is done properly.

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What is the Advantage of Tree Topology?

As you know, tree topology is a very popular network architecture, which is generally used in large organizations or businesses or other institutions.

Talking about the advantages of tree topology, it gives very good performance and at the same time the money required to install them is very less. Apart from this, hierarchical structure is also given by tree topology, so these are some good advantages of tree topology, about which we have given you information.

How is a Tree Topology Constructed?

The features of line bus and star topology are kept in itself by tree topology. It consists of a group of star configurator work stations connected by a line bus backbone cable.

The tree topology permits expansion of the available network and enables the school to configure the network to meet their needs.

What is Tree Topology in Computer Networking?

Do you know that tree topology in computer networks is also known as star bus topology, so called because it includes elements of both star topology and bus topology.

If the main cable between two star topology networks fails, the networks lose their ability to communicate with each other. However, computers on that star topology would still have the ability to communicate.

What is Binary Tree?

You can also understand binary tree as tree topology. All the nodes in it have at most two children and want to tell whether the child node is labeled as left child or right child. This type of data structure is used for shorting large amount of data as well as for searching the data.

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How does Tree Topology Network Work?

We explain to you how the above network works with an example. Suppose if there is a server node and it wants to make connection with server node 1 then it will digest or encapsulate the destination address and data and then it will start sending signal to the backbone cable.

After this the encapsulated package will start passing on both sides of the branch of the bus backbone network and in this way the encapsulated packet will be able to reach the switch S2 and there it will do the work of checking the destination address.

If the probe finds that the destination address does not match, it will send the package to switch S3. S3 will then search for the link that connects to the destination address and forward the package to reach the destination address. This is how a tree topology network works.

Types of Tree Topology

There are mainly 3 types of tree topology, whose names and their information are given below.

bus tree topology

In bus tree topology, a backbone cable is available in which you connect personal computers with devices like hubs or switches. In this, the user can also connect the gadget with a direct backbone cable if he wishes.

cluster tree topology

The parent child connections between nodes are considered very important in a cluster tree topology.

spanning tree topology

In this type of topology all the nodes of the graph are connected. Various backbone cables are available to connect multiple clusters available across all network computers in a spanning tree topology.

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How does tree topology transmit data?

Want to tell that multiple star network in tree topology is connected using backbone cable of bus topology, under which data is sent by device to its hub and hub data is sent to other hub via bus cable. does.

After this, the receiver works to broadcast the data to the connected device from the hub. In this way tree topology works for data transfer.