What is LOGO?: What is the Full Form of Logo, Use, and Other Details

What is LOGO?: But we want to tell you here that the information about the logo is not only this, but there are many other interesting things about the logo, which you must know about.

What is LOGO?: What is the Full Form of Logo, Use, and Other Details
What is LOGO

What is LOGO?: What is the Full Form of Logo, Use, and Other Details: If a person is asked what is the meaning of LOGO, then in response he will only be able to tell that the meaning of logo is a mark, in which sometimes something is written and sometimes nothing is written. It is there and it is only a symbol.

Here in this article, what is your logo? We are going to give complete information about the logo in Hindi, so if you also want to know about the logo, then you should read this article carefully till the end.

But we want to tell you here that the information about the logo is not only this, but there are many other interesting things about the logo, which you must know about.

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What is the Full Form of Logo?

Many people also search on the Internet that what is the full form of Logo after all, then we want to tell you that the full form of Logo is Language of Graphic Oriented Hota Hai.

In Hindi language it is read as Language of Graphic Oriented. Logo is a programming language. Many logos have created full forms of logos according to their own, which are quite funny and awkward. If you want, you can see the full form of such logo from the internet.

What is Logo?

A logo is a mark made up of words and images that identifies a business. The importance of a good logo is very high for any company. A great logo reflects what the company does and the importance of its brand in the market.

Logo design means creating the best visual brand mark for a company. Depending on the types, a logo usually consists of a mark or brand mark and a tagline. Top companies around the world definitely have some logo.

For example, the logo of the Audi company is a four bangle mark. Similarly, different companies wear different logos. Top companies also have a patent on their logo, that is, without their consent, that is, with their permission, you cannot use the logo of the top company anywhere.

If you do this and you are caught then legal action can be taken against you by the concerned company. Logo in Hindi language means symbol or symbol.

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How many types of logo are there?

There are 7 types of logo, whose information is being made available to you further.

mascot logo

This type of logo is also very popular, which has a character, which serves to present the main service or product of the company or institute. These types of logos look very attractive in appearance.

They are so attractive that you like to see this type of logo again and again. Want to tell that the mascot logo is being used by companies like Ambuja Cement and KFC. Apart from this, there are many other companies, which use this type of logo.

Pictorial Logo

This type of logo is mostly created by a professional graphic designer or by a professional logo maker, because there is a need to be very careful in making this type of logo. Those who are expert in making this type of logo, they also get very good money behind per logo.

In this type of logo, there is only a mark of any organization or company and there are no words at all. It is through the mark that the customer is able to identify the concerned company. Similar logos are used by companies like Apple and Nike.

If you have also seen a half-sliced apple of the Apple company, then you know that this is the logo of the Apple company, in which nothing is written, but people still know that if a half-sliced apple appears on a product. If it is affixed then it is the product of Apple company only.

Abstract Logo

Abstract logos are used by Asian Paint, Adidas and many other similar companies. Geometrical size is used a lot in this type of logo.

This is the reason why it is called Abstract Logo. No mark is present in it, but it is made in such a way that this logo can easily show the company's product.

Combination Mark Logo

In the common type of logo, the combination mark logo is counted. In the combination mark logo, the monogram design is merged with the pictorial design.

This is a different type of logo. The combination mark logo is being used by Domino's Pizza, the world's top pizza delivery company, and HDFC Bank, one of India's top private banks.

Emblem Logo

It is a completely unique and different type of logo, in which the name of the organization or company is printed inside the icon, which looks like a seal. This type of logo is used more by the college or school. In our country, the emblem logo is used by Indian Railways, BMW etc.

Monogram Logo

The full form of monogram is monogram logo. This type of logo is used by any institute or company. Although the monogram is used by any company or institute, the full name is not written by them in this type of logo.

Rather, in its place, the initial letter of the company or institution is written, which is written in different colors or sometimes in the same colors and written in different design-styles. . Monogram logo is used by the top company of the country. Hindustan Petroleum Company also uses a similar logo.

Wordmarks Logo

Any company or organization that uses this logo writes the full name of its company, its organization in this type of logo.

When this type of logo is created, then there is a lot of focus on typography in it. Wordmarks Logo is being used by some popular companies around the world such as Google, Cococola, Netflix etc.

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What are the Components of a Logo?

The component of the logo means the component of the logo. Next, you are being given complete information about the components of the logo.


Mostly the tagline is present below the logo, which is sometimes in 4 to 5 words and sometimes in 3 to 4 words. In today's time, every company must put a suitable tagline for itself under its logo.

Although it is not necessary to put the tagline, but still, to create a different image in the market, along with the logo, the tagline is also included in the logo by the companies.


Color counts in an important component of any logo. Just as it is very important to design the logo properly, in the same way it is also necessary that you use the appropriate colors in a certain place in the logo.

Because when appropriate colors are used in a certain place in any logo, then that logo looks very attractive, due to which people start knowing the company's brand more and more because of the company's logo. In the logo of the company, you can use single color or you can also use multiple colors.


If you have seen something written in a famous logo, then you must have noticed that what is written on the logo is written in a great design. This is called typography. Typography also plays an important role in creating a good logo.


Using a photo to create a logo is also very important as per the requirement because only through the photo the customer can connect with a company or institution. Before including the photo in the logo, it is also necessary to do illustration of that photo.

By doing this, the logo gets a professional look because of the photo that is taken. Remember, always use such a photo in the logo which is clearly visible. That means it should be in high quality.

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Logo Usage

Logo has various uses. We are also giving you information about the different uses of the logo.

Use of logo for Branding

If you sell a service or run a company or you are the owner of a brand, then you should use the relevant logo. This gives your company, service or brand a different identity in the market.


If you run a website or blog, then you can set up the logo at the top of it. By doing this, your website looks attractive, as well as the logo also gets to know on which website it is present at the present time.

Bussiness Card

Your logo is also used by the person in his business card so that he can convey his name to the other person and also provide a concrete way for his customer to remember himself.

Marketing Material

Whenever you create any type of marketing tool or content related to advertisement, product packaging, social media post, newsletter, etc., you must pay attention to the logo because it will prove to be beneficial for you in one way or the other. It happens.

Company Communication

If the logo is included in the email, newsletter etc. by the person, then it strengthens his brand.

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What Does Logo Do?

If the logo is successful in making a good impression, then due to this, more and more customers are attracted towards your brand, which proves to be beneficial for your business or your brand somewhere.

Logo also helps in establishing an identity for your brand. The logo gives your company a mark through which people are able to quickly identify your company.

How to Make Your Name Logo?

Logo maker app or logo maker website can be used to create your name logo. An application called Canva is available on the Google Play Store. Logo can be easily created through this application.

To create a logo, first of all, you have to open the application by installing the application from Google Play Store in your mobile and after that you have to login through the email ID in the application and then appear at the top of the home page. Click on the search box.

After this you have to write Logo in English language and search it. After this, many words related to the logo appear on your screen, out of which you have to click on the circle logo. Now the designs of different types of logos open on your screen, you have to click on the logo which looks good out of it.

Now the already written text comes on your screen, you have to click on it and in its place you have to write your word, which is the tagline of the logo. After writing your word, you have to click on the save button. In this way your logo becomes ready. Now you can download the logo you have created by clicking on the download button.

How to Create a Logo for Free?

You can use Logo Maker by Mobi App and Thumbnail Maker Inc application to create a logo for free. This application can be downloaded from Google Play Store in Android mobile.

Logo Maker is such a great logo making application that it has crossed 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. That is, out of 10 million, at least 7 to 8 million people are using this application to create a logo.

Using this application you can create professional logo. People who want to make a logo for business can install this logo maker application in their mobile today. It is also a great graphic designer maker application, where you get a lot of great tools, with the help of which a good logo can be made.

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How to Become a Logo Designer?

To become a logo designer, you must have good knowledge of UI and UX. Apart from this, you should also have good creativity. To become a logo designer, you should also have information about the basic software and other tools required for designing.

Under this, you should have knowledge of software tools like Adobe Creative, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, because most of the designing work is done through this tool.

If we talk about the course to become a logo designer, then after passing 10th class you can do certificate course or after passing 12th class you can do graduation level course related to logo designing.

If you want, you can also do a diploma course after 10th to become a logo designer. Those who want to become a logo designer slowly and absolutely for free, such candidates can take the help of YouTube platform sitting at home. You find many such channels on the YouTube platform where logo designing from basic to advanced level is taught.

How to Make Logo From Mobile?

Logo Generator application can be used to create a logo from mobile. You can download this application from Google Play Store in Android mobile. Want to tell that you get more than 2000 great templates in this application, which you can edit as per your requirement.

Apart from this, to create a professional logo design, you also get more than 90 fonts here, through which the logo can be given a professional design. The application provides you with a good logo editor as well as easy export facility. The great thing is that creating a logo on the application is absolutely free. It has got 4.5 star rating out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

If you want to make a logo of your name, then you can use Flamingtext website for this. On the home page of this website, you have to enter your name in the Inter name box and click on the Go button. After this, the favorite style has to be selected, after which your logo is created and ready.

Logo Maker App

There is a lot of logo making apps on the Google Play Store, but how do you know which application is good for logo making and which is not. We know that finding the best logo maker app for you can be a bit difficult. That's why we have given below a list of top logo maker applications to make your work easier. All these applications are available to install from Google Play Store.

Logo Genrator By Light Creative lab
Logo Maker By CA publishing
Canva App
Logo Maker Shop By Pixo Incorporation
Logo Maker By Desygner pty ltd
Adobe Express by Adobe

How to Make a Good Logo?

Through the best elements and many things, a great logo is prepared. A good logo is considered to be the same logo which is successful in conveying the right message to the prospect customer. Talking about a good logo, it should be such that it is completely audience friendly.

A good logo is considered to be the one which is very easy to read and is completely different from other logos, as well as attractive in appearance. The identity of a good logo is that it can be used anywhere.