The 'Wild Dogs' Season Update for COD Mobile is Coming Soon: Here's What to Expect

COD Mobile Season 4 'Wild Dogs' contains two new maps and several modes, as well as themed events with new weapons, operators, and more.

The 'Wild Dogs' Season Update for COD Mobile is Coming Soon: Here's What to Expect
COD Mobile Wild Dogs Season Update

While BGMI fever has grabbed the Indian mobile gaming market, rival game maker Activision has also been releasing new features and gameplay experiences in the form of COD Mobile upgrades. The game developer has detailed the next major season for Call of Duty: Mobile, as well as what players can expect from it. With its new mode, Season 4 of COD Mobile promises a "brand-new approach to play battle royale." This is expected to make gameplay a little more difficult and enjoyable to play with teammates. The new season also contains two new maps, allowing gamers to explore more and avoid becoming bored by playing in the same set of areas over and over.

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COD Mobile Season 4 Wild Dogs Features

The first big addition will be the 'Sandstorm' mode, which will make the gameplay more difficult. A sandstorm will erupt at random in the battle royale's wild areas. As a gamer, you must escape hurricanes and tornadoes in order to obtain high-tier loot and other special stuff.

Ground War mode and tournament mode will also be included in the update. Ground War is a large-scale multiplayer infantry and vehicular warfare scenario. Those who have played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will recognize this. According to Activision, the tournament mode allows players to "compete to obtain the Epic DL Q33 – Red Sprite and Shadow Blade – Red Sprite."

Season 4 will also include two new maps: Cold War's Satellite and Modern Warfare 2019's Khandor Hideout. Additional weapons, operators, blueprints, calling cards, charms, and COD points are also included, as with 50 new tiers of 'Battle Pass awards.'

Finally, Sandstorm's Eye is a new themed event. In this event, the gamer's side will attempt to reclaim key regions of the desert and prevent the adversary from exploiting the Sandstorm for oil extraction.

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Details about the release of COD Mobile Season 4 Wild Dogs

Fortunately, gamers will not have to wait long for the new season. The new season will be released by Activision on April 28. It will be available for both Android and iOS devices.

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